Update & Share: 8/6/19

To view Farmer John’s latest update, click here.

Today’s share will include: beans, leeks, potatoes, peppers, kale, eggplant, red cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, melon, cucumber and a choice of cherry tomatoes or ground cherries.  Hot peppers and tomatillos will be available as extras.

For fruit members, here is Ginger’s latest: tonight we will be packing a pint of doughnut peaches, a pint of shirt yellow plums- both yummy and $5 each at market and then 6 large jersey Mac apples. These are just great, harder than Lodi, not too tart and the first apple I recommend for general eating and baking ($6). Enjoy!  Many more apples to come in the apple harvest, we will return to yellow peaches next week.


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