Update & Share: 7/23/19

To view Farmer John’s latest update, click here.

Today’s share will be: lettuce, squash, cucumbers, rainbow carrots, white onions, beans, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and an herb choice.

For fruit share members, here is an update from Ginger:

We have packed a quart of mixed peaches and nectarines, a pint of sugar plums and a pint of apricots….all coming in quickly with the heat. The peaches are yummy now that we have had some sunshine.  One note, our apricots right now have exterior “freckles”…these exterior black spots are on the skin only, do not impact the fruit….and clearly indicate our growing practice of low spray. Our five year old customers might call these ugly…but they are delicious and from our orchard. We view this an opportunity to display a low spray approach (and the consequence). You will see freckles on some varieties of fruit across the season….these are on the outside with yummy-ness on the inside.  Our Farm Market at Treelicious Orchards is now open on weekends…please come for a day of country shopping and exploring in Western NJ. You can pick fruit, walk in the orchard and shop fresh fruits and vegetables at our market at Treelicious.


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