Storage Tips

Need some help figuring out how to store all of those salad greens?  Or maybe you’re wondering how to best store those summer squash that need to stay fresh until Sunday?  Here are some helpful links from around the web that might help.  If you have any of your own tips and tricks, or have found a useful website, please let us know!

  • Westfield Area CSA: A comprehensive list of storage information from one of Farmer John’s other CSAs.
  • Shared Harvest CSA: Includes a helpful section on storing based on temperature for those who have, or can approximate, a root cellar.  The page also links to their Fermentation page which suggests some CSA products that can be preserved via fermentation (think sauerkraut).
  • Inland Empire CSA: This page has a long write-up about storage but I found the most helpful part the table at the bottom showing temperature, humidity and storage length.
  • Devon Point Farm: The storage information is similar to the other sites, however, they do also include some short and quick meal prep tips.