Update & Share: 8/6/19

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Today’s share will include: beans, leeks, potatoes, peppers, kale, eggplant, red cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, melon, cucumber and a choice of cherry tomatoes or ground cherries.  Hot peppers and tomatillos will be available as extras.

For fruit members, here is Ginger’s latest: tonight we will be packing a pint of doughnut peaches, a pint of shirt yellow plums- both yummy and $5 each at market and then 6 large jersey Mac apples. These are just great, harder than Lodi, not too tart and the first apple I recommend for general eating and baking ($6). Enjoy!  Many more apples to come in the apple harvest, we will return to yellow peaches next week.


Update & Share: 7/23/19

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Today’s share will be: lettuce, squash, cucumbers, rainbow carrots, white onions, beans, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and an herb choice.

For fruit share members, here is an update from Ginger:

We have packed a quart of mixed peaches and nectarines, a pint of sugar plums and a pint of apricots….all coming in quickly with the heat. The peaches are yummy now that we have had some sunshine.  One note, our apricots right now have exterior “freckles”…these exterior black spots are on the skin only, do not impact the fruit….and clearly indicate our growing practice of low spray. Our five year old customers might call these ugly…but they are delicious and from our orchard. We view this an opportunity to display a low spray approach (and the consequence). You will see freckles on some varieties of fruit across the season….these are on the outside with yummy-ness on the inside.  Our Farm Market at Treelicious Orchards is now open on weekends…please come for a day of country shopping and exploring in Western NJ. You can pick fruit, walk in the orchard and shop fresh fruits and vegetables at our market at Treelicious.

Update & Share: 7/16/19

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Today’s share will be: lettuce, squash, cucumber, cauliflower or broccoli, kale, eggplant, beets, red onions, choice of an herb and maybe beans.  Tomatillos will be an extra.


Here is the note from Ginger about this week’s fruit share:

For the share this week, we packed a heeping quart of sugar plums…these are very sweet and juicy, first plum of season and naturally turn from green to purple and then burst with juice. They are best purplish and firm. We hand picked each quart to have a mix of colors for best enjoyment. These go in the fridge please for best results. There are many of these and 8 more types of plums on the harvest horizon.

Next in the share – peaches – our team is picking these this morning from the trees. They have been delicious …a quart of these and two Lodi apples round out the share. The apples are special- these are the first apples from 2019 and no not from storage (as a customer asked me on Sunday). Two will allow sampling with cheese or peanut butter or made into applesauce (I make this for the market…my preferred use for this apple). This is #1 of the 73 varieties growing at Treelicious – join me in welcoming summer apples. Next variety is much more we’ll known, jersey Mac – buts lots of summer fruit first.

At the farm we have opened our Farm Market at Treelicious. This market is a version of our stand in in Montclair…tented fresh market outside and offering a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm. You may walk around and pick too but our market recognizes that picking is not for everyone especially on hot days. So please plan a day in beautiful Western NJ for country shopping and walking at our orchard. We are open Sat and Sun from 9-5. The next Dinner is July 27th.

Update & Share: 7/2/19

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Today’s share will be: yellow onions, carrots, lettuce, summer squash, peas, broccoli or cabbage, kale, bok choy and an herb choice (parsley and savory).

For Fruit Share members, Ginger sent an update as well: For this week, we are sending a pint of bing cherries, pint blueberries and pint of sour cherries with 2 apricots on top. We have had a bumper crop of sours this year, so I am sending these beautiful red cherries along with a few apricots. Looking ahead to next week…our peaches and sugar plums are on target to arrive this weekend…the first peaches will be very fuzzy, smaller and very sweet. The sugar plum crop is abundant this year…so many of these will arrive in the weekly shares. More apricots are arriving too as cherries become a delicious memory.

Update & Share: 6/11/19

Welcome back CSA members!  Today is the first day of the 2019 season and I’m sure you’re all as excited as we are!  We will post Farmer John’s weekly update and occasional Serving Suggestion ideas.  We love to hear from our members who have recipes they would like to share so please email Bob and he can post online.

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Today’s share will include: lettuce, spinach, radishes, kohlrabi, garlic scapes, peas, choice of herb and choice of escarole/frissee.