Update & Share: 7/16/19

To view Farmer John’s latest update, click here.

Today’s share will be: lettuce, squash, cucumber, cauliflower or broccoli, kale, eggplant, beets, red onions, choice of an herb and maybe beans.  Tomatillos will be an extra.


Here is the note from Ginger about this week’s fruit share:

For the share this week, we packed a heeping quart of sugar plums…these are very sweet and juicy, first plum of season and naturally turn from green to purple and then burst with juice. They are best purplish and firm. We hand picked each quart to have a mix of colors for best enjoyment. These go in the fridge please for best results. There are many of these and 8 more types of plums on the harvest horizon.

Next in the share – peaches – our team is picking these this morning from the trees. They have been delicious …a quart of these and two Lodi apples round out the share. The apples are special- these are the first apples from 2019 and no not from storage (as a customer asked me on Sunday). Two will allow sampling with cheese or peanut butter or made into applesauce (I make this for the market…my preferred use for this apple). This is #1 of the 73 varieties growing at Treelicious – join me in welcoming summer apples. Next variety is much more we’ll known, jersey Mac – buts lots of summer fruit first.

At the farm we have opened our Farm Market at Treelicious. This market is a version of our stand in in Montclair…tented fresh market outside and offering a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm. You may walk around and pick too but our market recognizes that picking is not for everyone especially on hot days. So please plan a day in beautiful Western NJ for country shopping and walking at our orchard. We are open Sat and Sun from 9-5. The next Dinner is July 27th.


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