Update & Share: 9/3/19

To view Farmer John’s latest update, click here.

Today’s share will include: beets, kale, tomatoes, red skin potatoes, red onions, sweet corn, choice of cucumber or zucchini, and beans.


From Ginger of Treelicious Orchards:

We have packed our peaches, apples and plums for this week. I like the mixture and color of the fruits in a fruit bowl. The share includes a pint of green gage plums – sweet green plum the size of a sugar plum and just as sweet, and then a bag of almost 4 lbs of yellow peaches and our first gala apples. Gala is the first hard sweet apple of the season. The plums are $5/pint and these apples and peaches are $3/lb. I added either a nectarine or white peach to each bag too….enjoy the delicious tastes of late summer fruit.

At the orchard we are starting to pick the first honey crisp apples and Asian pears along with the galas and yellow peaches. Please visit us for pick your own at the farm! We are hosting a harvest festival on Saturday, September 27th including food, apple picking, live music and craft vendors. Our annual Apple Festival is slated for Sunday , October 13th. Please visit us for a day in the country on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 to 5 or for an event at the farm. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for families to visit a real farm operated by our family.

One note – many thanks to those who participated in the bulk peach opportunity – we will have plenty of peaches through next week. Please let me know if you need bulk peaches for jam, freezing, eating, etc.

Looking forward to next week, I will include peaches in the share next week too along with apples. Overall our Bosc pear crop is smaller compared to last year – this is the off year in the biennial world of pears. Asian pears will arrive soon in the share as well as Bartlett pears….just not as many Bosc pears this year.


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