2021 Stock Up Share Information

From Farmer John:


We will be offering one additional share to be delivered during the week of November 21st  (Thanksgiving week).  This will be a “stock up” share and will include various vegetables that store well, so that you will be able to enjoy produce from the farm well into the winter months as well as provide veggies for your Thanksgiving feast. The total weight of this share will be about 60 lbs.  Approximately a third of the share will be an assortment of butternut, acorn, buttercup (kabocha), delicata, and sweet dumpling squash. The share will also include an assortment of root vegetables such as carrots, rutabaga, beets, parsnips, turnips, and radishes. I expect that the root crops will comprise about 12 lbs. of the share. We had a decent potato crop this season and a tremendous winter squash crop. There will be about 15 lbs. of potatoes, onions and garlic in the share. The potatoes will include some fingerlings and an assortment of other varieties of potatoes. Also included will be cabbage, and whatever greens we still have in the field at this time, such as arugula, kale, lettuce and spinach. It is possible that there will be cauliflower and very likely Brussels sprouts. The cost of the stock up share will be $95, which is an excellent value, equivalent to a wholesale price for much of the produce included.

The potatoes, onions and squash can be stored in a cool dry place such as an attached garage or enclosed porch, where they will not freeze. The root vegetables and cabbage will best be stored in your refrigerator. I know that this final share will not work for everyone, but I hope that many of you will be able to participate. Doing so will help us to make use of the produce that we have in storage, utilize what remains in the fields, and finish the season with enough money in the bank to pay the bills during the winter months.


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