Update & Share: 9/24/19

To view Farmer John’s latest update, click here.

Today’s share will include: beans, peppers, potatoes, beets, choice of kale or collards, red onions, choice of argula or broccoli raab, butternut squash and a choice of an herb.

From Ginger of Treelicious Farms:

This week we are sending a pint of mixed green gage and empress purple plums along with boxes of Macintosh and gala apples to each site. The pints are already packed for each full share. For the apples, we will ask each member to select for their share from the boxes of apples delivered 2lbs of gala apples and 2lbs of Macintosh – for a total of 4lbs per share. Each location will receive boxes of apples labeled with the variety and sufficient apples to provide each member with the apples and likely some extra to be enjoyed by the members. We are packing this way for this week only due to a family funeral today. We will resume packing individual shares next week. We thank you for your understanding.

This Saturday at the Orchard we are hosting a Harvest Festival at our Farm including vendors picking and live music. We are just starting to pick our Macoun apples. Saturday evening we are hosting a Farm to Table Dinner from 5pm to 8pm. Please join us for a day in the country. The Apple crop is spectacular this year – large apples and deep color.


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