Update & Share: 7/2/19

To view Farmer John’s latest update, click here.

Today’s share will be: yellow onions, carrots, lettuce, summer squash, peas, broccoli or cabbage, kale, bok choy and an herb choice (parsley and savory).

For Fruit Share members, Ginger sent an update as well: For this week, we are sending a pint of bing cherries, pint blueberries and pint of sour cherries with 2 apricots on top. We have had a bumper crop of sours this year, so I am sending these beautiful red cherries along with a few apricots. Looking ahead to next week…our peaches and sugar plums are on target to arrive this weekend…the first peaches will be very fuzzy, smaller and very sweet. The sugar plum crop is abundant this year…so many of these will arrive in the weekly shares. More apricots are arriving too as cherries become a delicious memory.


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