Update & Share: 6/6/17

The 2017 CSA is here!  Click here for Farmer John’s weekly update.

The share for this week will be:  arugula, spinach, choice of herbs (2), radishes or salad turnips and lettuce.

Reminder, for those getting a half share, the 6/6 pickup will be for:

  • Jaime B and Brian D
  • Ina D
  • Joyce D
  • Nancy H
  • Janet P
  • Padma M
  • Jennifer N
  • Annie T

Those whose half share will start on 6/13 will be:

  • Bob C
  • Joy and Gregg G
  • Naomi G
  • Carrie H
  • Theresa H and Steve S
  • Christiana L
  • Susan M
  • Heather O and Rebecca W
  • Meredith and Matt S

If you have not yet already, please sign up for volunteer shifts.  You can view the schedule here.


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