6/14/16 Update & Share

See below for an update from Farmer John about what is available in tomorrow’s share:


Hello Everyone, So we waited with a mixture of anticipation and dread for the severe storms predicted

for Saturday. We badly need the rain but worried about the high winds and potential for hail. In the end

we got no rain at all, only 2 days of high winds that have been wreaking havoc with our crop covers and

drying out the soil even more. There is some hope for precipitation at the end of the week; in the

meantime we will be moving the sprinklers around from field to field to keep the crops growing and the

seeds germinating.

The good news is that the shares size will nearly double this week with lots of new crops

beginning to mature. The broccoli has begun to head and we will send it to some groups as availability

allows. Those not receiving broccoli will get kale for this week and broccoli next week or the week after.

We will also be sending bunches of broccoli leaf which is almost as nutritious as kale and in my opinion

more palatable. I sauté the leaf with onions and blend this with milk for a delicious base for cream of

broccoli soup. Summer squash has also started to produce; small quantities for this week; more in

weeks to come. We have peas, mostly English- the shell type. The sugarsnap peas will become more

abundant in the coming weeks. For lettuce we have a speckled romaine-an heirloom variety called

Forellenschlus. The heads are usually fuller but with the drought they may begin to bolt and will get

bitter. Garlic scapes are here! These are the flower tops of the plant and can be grilled, chopped finely

and sautéed or blended to make a pesto. Hakurei salad turnips are a sweet, baby size treat intended to

be eaten raw, although many folks prefer to cook them. They have beautiful greens- great for braising or

sliced into ribbons mixed into salad.

I hope to see many of you at our farm visit picnic this Saturday. The weather looks good. If you

can’t make it on Saturday you are welcome to come on Sunday. 141 Brighton Rd. Andover NJ 07821

The share for this week will be: Forellenschlus romaine, salad turnips, garlic scapes, spinach(2 bunches),

broccoli or kale, summer squash, choice of escarole or endive(frissee), peas, bok choy and choice of

cilantro or dill.

Enjoy! Farmer John


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