Serving Suggestions: 7/31/18

Welcome to the newest installment of Serving Suggestions.  This week we have suggestions from Shana:

It is already week 8 of the CSA! I hope you are enjoying the shares so far. This week was by far my favorite in size, variety and quantity – just perfect! Some recipe ideas below:

Zucchini Brownies (VEGAN!)
These brownies are courtesy of Zest, a great Vegan restaurant in Fairfield. I am not a vegan but these are tasty and delicious and contain some more nutritious ingredients in addition to the sugar!

Tabbouleh/Bulgur Wheat Salad
Theresa often uses the plethora of parsley we get for tabbouleh salads.  This week was perfect for that with the cucumbers and tomatoes that we got. You could also add in some other veggies and make a fun, creative salad with the bulgur wheat!

We got everything we needed for a delicious Ratatouille and I couldn’t resist making it (I think I post this every year). I use Julia Child’s recipe, but if you don’t want to be cooking for over an hour, there are tons of other simpler recipes that are also great! This one from the Kitchn looked great too.

That’s all for this week, check back again soon for more Serving Suggestions!

Serving Suggestions is a recurring article that will be posted weekly during the CSA season featuring photos, tips and recipes. Content is provided by Jessica, Shana and Bob. If you would like to submit your own photos or recipes, please email Bob at To read through previous Serving Suggestions articles, click here for an archive. You can also use the handy search feature at the top of the right hand menu bar to search for the name of a particular ingredient you need help using.


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