Bee My Honey 2018 Orders

Bee My Honey Apiary, owned my Jeff and Michelle Sager, is located in Stillwater, New Jersey.  Their girls, (most bees in a hive are girls) have the opportunity to forage in a very natural environment between Swartswood State Forest, Stokes State Forest and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  The area where they gather nectar and pollen is primarily forest and field.  By living here, their girls are not exposed to harmful pesticides and lawn care herbicides.

Honey bees have many benefits to both humans and the environment they live in.  They pollinate fruits, vegetables, nuts, flowers, berries and produce beeswax, pollen, and of course honey. Local honey contains small amounts of pollen from seasonal plants and can help you build up a resistance to seasonal allergies.

Bee My Honey’s honey is wildflower honey, raw, pure and delicious.  We hope you enjoy all the benefits that honey can bring you.

For the current menu of items you can order from Bee My Honey, click here:  Bee My Honey 2018 Order Form


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