Serving Suggestions: 8/1/17

The tomatoes are here, the tomatoes are here!  Shana decided to use some of hers for a ratatouille:

I’m sure many of you will agree that there’s not much better than the beginning of CSA tomato season! And this week’s tomatoes were delicious. Whenever I get eggplant, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, and onions, I just have to make ratatouille. There are many different ways to make ratatouille and I think they’re all pretty good but nothing comes close to Julia Child’s ratatouille recipe. Like everything else, she instructs you to have patience and take time to sauté each ingredient separately. Her recipe excels in the way that they stew together at the end so that instead of individual vegetables they all come together into a pot of deliciousness.  Happy cooking!

Bob, whose half share did not have a pick up this week, wasn’t lucky enough to take part in the tomatoes but still put some leftover beets from last week to good use:

I wanted to try something new with beets.  Whenever I am looking for something different, I check the NY Times Cooking section first.  They always seem to have some interesting takes on ingredients and their recipe search feature is very functional (I love being able to filter by cuisine type).  I decided to try this recipe for a Garlicky Beet Spread with Yogurt, Dill and Horseradish.  I modified the recipe by peeling and cutting the beets before roasting to make them easier to handle.  I was able to make it on Sunday when I had time to roast and cool the beets and hold it until midweek to serve aside latkes.  After a few days in the fridge I felt it needed a hit of some extra horseradish, a splash of vinegar and a sprinkle of salt.  It was very earthy and unlike anything I’ve really had before.  A little goes along way so plan to use it with a few meals during the week or you’ll end up wasting some of the leftovers.


Serving Suggestions is a recurring article that will be posted weekly during the CSA season featuring photos, tips and recipes.  Content is provided by Jessica, Shana and Bob.  If you would like to submit your own photos or recipes, please email Bob at  To read through previous Serving Suggestions articles, click here for an archive.  You can also use the handy search feature at the top of the right hand menu bar to search for the name of a particular ingredient you need help using.


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