Serving Suggestions: 7/25/17

Welcome back readers!  Another week and another great share.  If you haven’t checked out the “extras” box when picking up your share, you should!  Both Bob and Shana have suggestions this week for what you can do with those “extras” if you picked any up.  First up, Shana and jalapenos:

I was very excited to see the jalapenos in our share this week! They are so versatile.  Seeds and ribs can be left in for more heat or removed for less, and they add tremendous flavor to anything! For a less hot pepper, choose a younger one which is more smooth and all green. For a hotter pepper, select one that has wrinkles in the skin and may be turning red.   When I lived in the city I ate Peruvian food regularly and often it came with an amazing creamy, tangy sauce called “Aji Amarillo.”  It’s addicting! So I found this recipe that I plan to try this week to get my fix. Happy eating!

Bob plans on using some jalapenos this week too, but paired with tomatillos:

The best cookbook I have purchased recently is Rick Bayless’ More Mexican Everyday Rick’s Roasted Tomatillo Salsa.  For those who don’t own the cookbook, here’s a version of available on his website.  The roasting only takes a few minutes under the broiler and the added depth of flavors is oh so worth it.  You can use the salsa as a dip, on tacos, on enchiladas, dolloped with some sour cream on tortilla soup, etc etc.  For a quick riff on chilaquiles, a popular Mexican breakfast dish perfect for using up leftovers, fry an egg in a small skillet, remove and then heat up enough tomatillo salsa to cover the bottom, add in a handful of tortilla chips and toss to coat in the salsa, heat for a few minutes to warm the salsa and soften the chips, transfer to a plate and top with the still-warm egg.  Feel free to top with any leftover taco toppings or fillings.

Serving Suggestions is a recurring article that will be posted weekly during the CSA season featuring photos, tips and recipes.  Content is provided by Jessica, Shana and Bob.  If you would like to submit your own photos or recipes, please email Bob at  To read through previous Serving Suggestions articles, click here for an archive.  You can also use the handy search feature at the top of the right hand menu bar to search for the name of a particular ingredient you need help using.


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