Serving Suggestions: 7/11/17

Beets are here!  Both Shana and Bob are excited to put this week’s beets to good use.  Here’s Shana’s take:

Beautiful beets!  I think beets are one of the most beautiful vegetables- even when they stain my tables, clothes and hands! This Beet, Carrot and Quinoa salad is delicious and hearty and I plan to make it for dinner tomorrow swapping out arugula for some of the kale we got and the edamame for the peas. Enjoy!

Bob had never really prepared beets before getting them through the CSA.  Here’s a tip he learned and a few recipes to try:

If a recipe calls for you to roast and then peel your beets – don’t.  They are so much easier to peel if you do so beforehand.  If you’re worried about your beets drying out during a long roast, wrap them in foil (which will help contain the staining juices anyway).  Depending on how much time you’re willing to invest in your beets this week, I found two very interesting beet-centric recipes from the NY Times.  If you have some pasta in the pantry and butter in the fridge, you’re all set for this Sauteed Beets with Pasta recipe (if you don’t have sage, do what many of the commenters did and substitute whatever fresh herbs you have on hand).  For a much more labor- and time-intensive option, check out this Beet, Greens and Cheddar Crumble; it looks and sounds fantastic but I don’t think I have the patience for the undertaking although it would be a great way to use up a number of CSA ingredients.

Serving Suggestions is a recurring article that will be posted weekly during the CSA season featuring photos, tips and recipes.  Content is provided by Jessica, Shana and Bob.  If you would like to submit your own photos or recipes, please email Bob at  To read through previous Serving Suggestions articles, click here for an archive.  You can also use the handy search feature at the top of the right hand menu bar to search for the name of a particular ingredient you need help using.

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