Serving Suggestions: Week 13

CSA Week 13

CSA Week 13

From Shana:

Garlic-Lemon Salad Dressing


This is my favorite dressing of all times. I could eat it three times a day, although my breath might kill by the end of the day.


-Grate several garlic cloves to taste (I do about 2 big ones but if you may want to scale it back and do one to start). Use a microplane if you have it so the garlic is very fine.
-Squeeze 1-2 juicy lemons so you get about 2 tbsp juice and mix with garlic.
-Add salt and pepper to taste
-Add 1/2 cup olive oil or more if needed.
-Mix well with a fork and pour over salad a little at at time, tasting to see when its enough- this is a strong dressing so don’t overdress.


From Bob:

When the CSA started, I began keeping a bag in my freezer for trimmings and leftover items that were about to go bad.  My plan was to use the bag as the base for a homemade vegetable stock.  I finally felt I had enough so I made my stock this Saturday.  Ultimately, I ended up with some fennel stalks and fronds, two celery stalks, a few random halves and thirds of onion, leftover matchstick cut carrots and two whole bell peppers.  I supplemented the stockpile (get it?) with some fresh items I had on hand but knew I wouldn’t need right away – another onion and some fresh parsley – added water to cover and let it cook away.  I let it go for about two hours, after which it had reduced slightly and had some flavor.  Many of the recipes I looked at called for 30-60 minutes which I did not feel was enough, it still tasted too watery.  I salted it well, maybe about 2 tablespoons, but it didn’t end up being enough when I used the stock for a soup but it’s definitely better to salt to taste later than have an over salty stock.  Straining the stock was made easier by a long handled spider and a fine mesh strainer.  I poured the stock through the strainer and into a 2 gallon pitcher for easy fridge storage.  I used some stock to make a simple dinner the next night.  I brought it to a boil, added some frozen peas and corn, a package of udon noodles, some soy sauce and some chili garlic sauce.  It was simple but tasty and a good way to use up CSA scraps that would have gone to waste otherwise.


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