Serving Suggestions: Week 11

CSA Week 11

CSA Week 11

From Shana:

Homemade Croutons

I love salad for meals but they often aren’t filling enough for my other half. Our answer? Homemade croutons! They add texture, flavor and take away that empty feeling! Here’s how we make ’em:
  • preheat oven to 350
  • take an older baguette or load of bread and cut into 1″ square chunks
  • toss very liberally in olive oil, salt, pepper and any dried herbs from previous CSA weeks.
  • bake for 5-10 minutes depending on how brown you like them. Let cool and add to salad!
Tomato-Mayo-White Bread Sammy
My dad, who I may add, is from India, loves summer for these sandwiches. He requires cheap, sliced white bread, good mayo in abundance and the freshest tomatoes summer can offer. Don’t add anything fancy, just large slices of tomato in between the bread with plenty of mayo and a sprinkle of salt– pretty delicious!

From Bob:

Google “fingerling potato recipes” and you get about 1,000 variations of herb roasted fingerling potatoes.  Boring.  I was looking for something different and am happy to share a few recipes that caught my eye.  The first, a different take on the typical roast, are these braised fingerlings with garlic, herbs and shallots.  If you pick up kale and eggs in today’s share you could also try this popular Blue Apron recipe for a Kale and Potato Hash.  If neither of those is grabbing your interest, check out Six Burner Sue’s rundown of easy fingerling recipe ideas.


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