Serving Suggestions: Week 8

Week 8 Share

Week 8 Share


From Shana:

What a share this week! Nothing like the first week of tomatoes- and what beauties! And the potatoes, the smell of the basil and fennel- we are lucky folks! I love this Blue Apron recipe so much that it’s become a regular in our home. It utilizes our potatoes, red onion and kale, and if you have a fruit share- it has an apple in it!  Even if you’re not a Blue Apron member, you can view the recipe free online here (just click away from the pop-up box asking for your email address, you do not need to enter it).

From Bob:

Before this week I had never cooked or prepared fennel so I was a bit unsure how to use it.  I saw a lot of summery recipes calling for it raw in salads or lightly grilled but I didn’t think I would love the strong anise flavor in a savory dish.  I stumbled on a slow cooker tomato sauce recipe that used fennel, onion and garlic as the base and was intrigued.  The low and slow cooking mellowed the flavor of the fennel but it definitely added something different to the sauce.  It was also a great way to use up some of my CSA onion (if you have any elephant garlic left use that in place of the regular garlic cloves too!).  For good measure I diced some leftover CSA squash, browned it, and added it to the sauce just before serving.



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