Serving Suggestions: Week 7

Week 7 Share

Week 7 Share

From Bob:

I recently bought Rick Bayless’ new cookbook, More Mexican Every Day, and have been cooking my way through it using as many CSA veggies as possible.  Last night, I paired some store bought poblano peppers and corn with last week’s spring onions, elephant garlic and this week’s squash to make his Creamy Roasted Corn, Poblano and Zucchini Tacos.  The cookbook suggests making a large batch of the rajas, the creamy poblano and onion mixture, to use as the basis for additional recipes throughout the week.  I’ll use the leftover mixture as the base for a tortilla soup tonight to which I’ll add stock, black beans, corn and some diced canned tomatoes (don’t waste your precious first fresh tomatoes on a soup!).  You can also puree the rajas, with a touch of cream or broth, into a flavorful sauce to go over grilled chicken or simple enchiladas.

From Nina:

I tried this recipe tonight. I was tired of roasting those whole chickens so I hacked one up with cooking shears and tried this. It was really, really good. Get to use your celery, onions and peppers too.


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